You can find the full rules here¬†or watch the how to play video, but these are a few of the common questions we’ve been asked:

Q. What is Travelin’?
A. As you may have guessed, Travelin’ is a card game about traveling. In this game, you’re a traveler (obviously) on a trip across Europe, collecting countries for points and doing your best to stop others from doing the same. Easy to teach and light enough for gaming newbies, Travelin’ also offers a strategic depth to also appeal to experienced gamers.

Q. ARROGANT BACKPACKER – What country am I in if somebody destroys my current country with Arrogant Backpacker?
A. You’re always in your last played country. So, let’s say you started in Romania and traveled to Moldova. Now, somebody plays Arrogant Backpacker and destroys Moldova (that bastard!). Because Moldova is gone, your last played country is Romania and that’s where you are.

Q. COMMON CARDS – What are the common cards?
A. The three visible cards in the middle of the table.

Q. COMMON CARDS – Are common cards immediately replaced when taken?
A. Yes.

Q. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY – Can I use Diplomatic Immunity against XX?
A. Yes! Diplomatic Immunity can be used to stop anything that involves you (Border Control, Sketchy Taxi Driver, Arrogant Backpacker, etc.). The only time it can’t be used is against Blizzard – nothing stops the Blizzard.

If you’re using Diplomatic Immunity against Austerity Measures, it only works for you, so other players would need to either play Diplomatic Immunity or discard down to 3 cards.

Q. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY – Can I play Diplomatic Immunity to stop someone else’s Diplomatic Immunity?
A. Nope. Think about it thematically – having Diplomatic Immunity means you protect yourself, not that you’re able to strip away somebody else’s protection.

Q. DISCARDS – Do I have to discard a card at the end of my turn?
A. Yes, discarding a card is mandatory (unless you have no cards left).

Q. NO CARDS IN THE DECK – There are no more cards in the deck to draw. What do I do?
A. If there are no more cards in the deck, simply shuffle the discard pile and create a new deck.

Q. REROUTED – Can I play Rerouted if I don’t have any country cards in my hand?
A. No way, Jose. If you don’t have any country cards, then you can’t complete the action.

Q. RUSSIA – Can I travel to the small Russia (above Poland) on one turn and then travel from big Russia the next turn?
A. Absolutely. The only thing you can’t do is “teleport” while completing a single travel action (take 2 buses to go from Poland to Finland using both Russia areas, for example).

Q. RUSSIAN GAMBIT/DAY TRIP – If I annex a country, is it considered a new country or part of the old country?
A. The country you annex is added to your bordering country (underneath with the points visible). Therefore, it is part of the old country and doesn’t count as one of the 5 visited countries.

Q. RUSSIAN GAMBIT/DAY TRIP – Can multiple countries be annexed?
A. Certainly. Think of an annexed country as becoming part of the original one (forming a larger single country). So, if you annex a country that already has annexed a country, the entire country (both country cards) is annexed.

Q. RUSSIAN GAMBIT/DAY TRIP – Can I use the Action or Special ability of an annexed country?
A. Nope. When you annex a country, you only gain the points of the annexed country.

Q. TRAVEL FROM… – Can I travel from any of my played countries or only the last one?
A. You are always traveling from your last played country. The idea of the game is that you’re a traveler and you’re moving from country to country, so your played countries represent your travels, with the last one being where you currently are.