About TRVLN Games

I’d love to say we have a team of monkeys working around the clock developing new hit tabletop masterpieces, but the truth is a lot more mundane. TRVLN Games is essentially me, Eli, one monkey fitting tabletop projects into the various rigours of everyday life (read: writing jobs, walks through Bucharest, and the occasional beer or three). My wife, Paula, helps with art direction and graphic design (and with the beer).


We sincerely hope that you enjoy the games we make and our designs aspire to a single goal – to be fun. After all, if you’re not having fun playing a game, then what’s the point?


CUI: 38372907  –  J40/17658/2017
Arh. Ionescu Grigore, nr. 63, bl. T73, sc. B, et. 4, ap. 42 Bucuresti